Luxury Train Tour to Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves (closed on Tuesday) - The fine sculptures of the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist caves are the work of the priests and pilgrims passing through the ancient trade route. After a few centuries, the 34 caves were cut out of volcanic rocks of the Deccan, out of which 12 are dedicated to Buddhism (6th-7th centuries), 17 are dedicated to Hinduism (8th-10th centuries) and five are dedicated to Jainism (10th-13th centuries). The Buddhist caves belong to the Vajrayana sect of the Mahayana School and include 'viharas' (monasteries) and 'chaityas' (chapels), the worship-place of the monks. Among the centrally located Hindu caves, the Kailasanatha Temple is best known and is has the most splendid rock-cut structures at Ellora. It has the distinction of being the only building that was begun from the top. The Jain caves, in contrast to the other caves, are simpler, have less grandeur and have an aura of peace. They are intricately carved with lotus, elephant, lions and 'tirthankaras' of Lord Mahavira.

  • Location : 30 Kms from Aurangabad
  • Languages : Hindi, English and Marathi
  • Temperature :March to June 40℃ (Max), 25℃ (Min) - November to February 21℃ (Max), 16℃(Min)
  • Popular As : Ellora Caves
  • To See : Hindu, Jain and Buddhist caves
  • Festival : Ajanta - Ellora Festival in the month of November
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