• Qs. Who operates Deccan Odyssey?

    The Deccan Odyssey is owned by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation but operated by Cox & Kings India.

  • Qs. Which are the journeys that Deccan Odyssey offers?

    Presently the Deccan Odyssey offers ten different journeys:

    1. Indian Odyssey
    2. Hidden Treasures of Gujarat
    3. Maharashtra Splendor
    4. Indian Sojourn
    5. Jewels of the Deccan
  • Qs. Do you have triple occupancy cabins available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    For triple sharing, we recommend our resplendent Presidential Suites which have a double bed in the bedroom and and a sofa cum bed in the living room and single en-suite bathrooms. If the third person sharing is a child below 6 years of age, then you could have the family sharing the double bed in a Deluxe cabin; this is of course subject to availability of a double bedded Deluxe cabin.


  • Qs. What is the duration of the journeys?

    All the journeys are 8 days and 7 nights.

  • Qs. What does the journey price include?
    1. Accommodation in double / twin bedded cabins with en suite bathrooms.
    2. All meals, bottled water,juices and soft beverages
    3. Sightseeing including entrance fees, guides, still camera fees (not professional camera) and all entertainment.
    4. 24 hour valet service along with porter services at the time of check-in and check-out at the railway station.
  • Qs. What all is not included in the journey price?
    1. Laundry, telephone calls, gratuities, all alcoholic beverages or soft beverages
    2. Video,and professional still camera fees and any other items of personal nature.
    3. All optional tours as mentioned in the itinerary, taxes and insurance.
    4. Arrival and departure transfers.
    5. International and domestic flight tickets.
    6. Pre and post tour accommodation
    7. Tour extensions unless specifically mentioned as part of the journeys
    8. All activities mentioned as 'options' in the itinerary
  • Qs. Do you offer part journeys also aboard the Deccan Odyssey?

    No, part journeys are not available on board the Deccan Odyssey.

  • Qs. Do the travelers get a traditional Indian welcome?

    A traditional welcome, specific to the region is a part of the itinerary at all destinations along the journey.

  • Qs. Can the Deccan Odyssey be chartered?


  • Qs. Can the Deccan Odyssey be chartered on a scheduled departure?

    Yes. Terms & conditions apply.

  • Qs. Do you provide any kind of Insurance facility for passengers traveling on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    The Deccan Odyssey is comprehensively insured for fire, earthquake, theft and terrorism. All guests are covered under an umbrella insurance cover.

  • Qs. What is the dress code for the journey?

    We recommend -

    • Smart casual clothing and suitable walking shoes for off-train excursions during the day.
    • Earth color light linen clothes teamed with scarves, hats, light jackets for wildlife safaris
    • Dress up classy for all onboard dinners.


  • Qs. What are the public areas available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Deccan Odyssey has the following public areas

    1. Two fine dining restaurants - Peshwa - I and Peshwa - II that seat 34 persons each
    2. One bar - Mumbai Hi- Bar. Bar and lounge with the choicest collection of house brands of wines, beer and spirits, snacks and cocktails at a supplement cost.
    3. Spa Coach - Spa Plumeria with a variety of spa therapies (dry)
    4. Conference cum Entertainment Coach - Samvad
    5. Each Accommodation coach has its own lounge with maximum seating of 6 pax
  • Qs. What are the various categories and number of cabins available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    1 Single Bedded Deluxe Cabin, 33 Twin Bedded Deluxe Cabins, 06 Double Bedded Deluxe Cabins and 04 Double Bedded Presidential Suites

  • Qs. What is the total capacity on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Room Category




    Total Cabins

    Total Pax

    Deluxe Cabin






    Presidential Suite (has






    a double & twin room)

    Total Pax






  • Qs. What are the sizes of the cabins available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Room Category

    Room Area


    Deluxe Cabin (95 sq. ft.)

    9'-4'' (L) X 7'-7'' (W)

    6'-9'' (L) X 3'-6'' (W)

    Presidential Suite (205 sq. ft.)

    Double Bedroom

    10'-3'' (L) X 7'-7'' (W)

    6'-9'' (L) X 3'-7'' (W)

    Sitting Room

    9'-0'' (L) X 7'-7'' (W)

    6'-3'' (L) X 3'-6'' (W)


    16'-6'' (L) X 7'-9'' (W)

  • Qs. What is the width of the corridors & cabin doors?

    The width of the corridor is 22 inches and that of the door is also 22 inches. We have a cabin for people who might need to use a wheel chair and the width of that cabin door is 30 inches, the bathroom door is 31 inches and the corridor leading to the cabin is 27 inches wide.

  • Qs. What is the seating capacity of bar/ lounge?

    24 pax

  • Qs. Can we control our room temperature on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Yes one can do it, however it is advisable that your valet does it.

  • Qs. How can public area temperature be controlled on board?

    There are separate service staff members for public areas. You can inform any one of them on board about your discomfort and it will be taken care of. (Subject to the comfort of majority of guests in that area)

  • Qs. Can I keep my valuable on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Yes, every cabin has its own electronic safe.

  • Qs. What are the sizes of bed available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Following are the sizes of bed available on-board the Deccan Odyssey:-

    1. Deluxe Cabin:
    • Twin = 6.6ft 2.7ft
    • Double = 6.6ft 4.8ft
    1. Presidential Suite:
    • Double = 6.8ft 2.9ft
  • Qs. How many bars are there on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    There is one bar, Mumbai Hi- Bar - bar and lounge

  • Qs. How many restaurants are on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    There are two restaurants, Peshwa - I and Peshwa -II, both with a seating capacity of 34

  • Qs. Do you have hot water facilities available in the bathrooms on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Yes. All cabins are provided with an individual water heater. They would need to be switched on a few minutes before you need to use hot water

  • Qs. Do you provide wheelchairs if a passenger requires?

    If you let us know in advance, we might be able to organise a wheel chair on board. We would recommend that guests with limited mobility and other such constraints should be accompanied by an able-bodied passenger. However, our valets will be available to provide additional assistance. Kindly specify any special requirements at the time of booking.

  • Qs. Is there a 'smoking area' on board the Deccan Odyssey?

    In accordance with Indian Law, smoking is not permissible on board the train. Smoking is also prohibited in all public places such as railway stations, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, monuments etc.

  • Qs. What kind of plug sockets are available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Deccan Odyssey is equipped with 110/230 V sockets. We have 3 point Indian Socket; however we do have International adaptors available as well. On request, valet can provide you the same in the cabin.

  • Qs. Is the train fully air-conditioned?
    Yes, the train is fully air-conditioned.


  • Qs. Do we have a personal valet on board?

    The Presidential Suites are assigned a personal valet each, dedicated to its occupants. For the other cabins, there there is one valet assigned per coach comprising four cabins each. The number of cabins per coach varies according to the type of cabin:-

    • Deluxe Cabin: 4 cabins per coach
    • Presidential Suite: 2 Suites per coach (personal valet for every cabin)
  • Qs. Do you have the facilities for foreign exchange on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Yes, we do provide assistance with money changing facilities while on tour, at certain destinations subject to availability.

  • Qs. Do you have laundry services available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Yes, we do provide laundry service, at a supplementary cost.

  • Qs. Do you have, WIFI/fast internet connection available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Yes, we have WiFi connectivity through the Deccan Odyssey

  • Qs. Is room service available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Tea/ coffee can be served in all rooms, however full room service is available in Presidential Suite. Clients in other cabins dine at the restaurants.

  • Qs. Do you provide an airlift for a medical emergency in remote areas during the tour?

    Yes, we provide airlift for a medical emergency incase required.

  • Qs. Are spa facilities available on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Yes, spa facilities are available on-board the Deccan Odyssey at a supplementary cost. You would need to book your treatments with the spa manager

  • Qs. Are hairdresser facilities available on board?

    Yes, we do provide hairdresser facilities on board the Deccan Odyssey; at a supplementary cost. You would need to contact the salon manager for the same once onboard

  • Qs. Do we have to carry our own luggage?

    Porters will be available at the starting and terminating stations to assist you with your luggage.


  • Qs. What are the modes of transport provided for sightseeing on the Deccan Odyssey?

    For all passengers in Deluxe Cabins, a deluxe coach is provided with an English speaking guide. For guests occupying our Presidential Suites, a private luxury car is provided with a guide. All vehicles are equipped with complimentary sightseeing kits like mineral water with bottle coolers, wet wipes and shoe covers.

  • Qs. Can we book a separate car and guide for ourselves?

    Yes, you do have the option to book a private car and a guide for yourself in case you are booked in a Deluxe Cabin. This can be arranged at a supplementary cost. You may contact your Guest Relations Officers onboard to book the same. As this request is subject to availability at a short notice, it is recommended to book it in advance.

  • Qs. Is the train accessible if we wish to return on board from sightseeing before the scheduled time?

    The train moves out of the platform once the clients disembark & goes to the yard for maintenance & is inaccessible so it is not recommended to return before schedule. However, we do make all possible efforts to bring you back on board in case of emergencies.

  • Qs. Can we stay on board if we wish to skip any sightseeing trip?

    Yes, you may relax on board if you wish to skip any sightseeing trip. We have all services (e.g. valet services, bar services) available at all times.

  • Qs. Are off board tips/gratuities included in the cost price? / What is the off board tipping policy? / How much should we tip our guides? / How much should we tip our driver?

    Yes, tips for all off board services viz. guides, drivers, off board meal service etc. are included in the cost price. However, if you may wish to tip them , you may do so.

  • Qs. Do you provide guides for off-board excursion?

    Yes, on all off train excursions, you will be accompanied by a professional and qualified English speaking local guide.

  • Qs. Can you provide a language speaking guide?

    Yes, we can. Please let us know of your requirement at the time of booking as language speaking guides can be arranged in select cities subject to availability. Booking the same will incur an additional cost.

  • Qs. Can we deviate from the scheduled sightseeing & do something on our own?

    Yes, you may deviate from the scheduled sightseeing. Kindly inform Guest Relations onboard for the same. You may book a car & a guide if you may wish to do so at a supplement (Subject to availability). However you will miss out on the local welcome & off board entertainment planned for you.


  • Qs. What type of cuisine is served on-board?

    We serve International cuisine with a fair share of regional cuisine.

  • Qs. Do the two restaurants have separate menus?

    No, both the restaurants serve the same menu.

  • Qs. Do you have a kitchen on board/ Is the food served in the restaurants on the train prepared on board?

    Yes, the food is prepared on the train

  • Qs. Are the drinks complimentary on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Bottled water, soft beverages, juices etc. Are complimentary on board as well as off board. However, all other beverages like wines, liquors, spirits, cocktails are at supplementary cost.

  • Qs. Do you consider special dietary requirements?

    Yes, we do. Kindly specify any special dietary requirements at the time of booking to avoid disappointment during your journey. Every effort will be made to accommodate all culinary requests; however, we are unable to provide meals requiring strict religious observance in the preparation.

  • Qs. Do we need to reserve a table before any meal on board?

    No, it is not required to reserve tables in either of the restaurants or the bars. Seats are available on first come first serve basis.


  • Qs. What bathroom amenities do you provide on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    We provide bathroom amenities of a very high quality such as:-

    1. Shampoo
    2. Hair conditioner
    3. Handwash
    4. Body and shower gel
    5. Soap
    6. Face tonic splash
    7. Hand and body lotion
    8. Facial cleanser
    9. Nail careSanitary bags
    10. Toilet rolls
    11. Face tissue box
    12. Bathrobes on hangers
    13. Hand and body lotion
    14. Shower cap
    15. Hair dryer
    16. Cotton buds
    17. Cotton pads
    18. Sewing kit
    19. Comb (on request)
    20. Dental kit (on request)
    21. Shaving kit (on request)
    22. Body polisher (only in the Presidential suites)
    23. Bath crystals (only in the Presidential suites)
    24. Body and shower oil (only in the Presidential suites)


  • Qs. What room amenities are provided?

    Following room amenities are provided on board the Deccan Odyssey:-

    1. Two pairs of slippers/shoe bag (for shoe shine services)
    2. Eye mask/Ear plugs
    3. Daily fresh fruit basket
    4. Coasters
    5. At your service booklet
    6. Quintessential experiences (or spa booklet)
    7. Diary
    8. Post cards
    9. Envelopes
    10. Letter heads
    11. Pen
    12. GM Notes
    13. Anecdotes
    14. Tipping Envelopes
  • Qs. What wardrobe amenities are the cabins provided with?

    We provide the following wardrobe amenities

    1. Six coat hangers with covers
    2. Two coat hangers without cover
    3. Two skirt hangers
    4. Automatic lock safe box
    5. Laundry bags
    6. Shoe bag (for shoe shine services)
    7. Shoe shine
    8. Shoe mitten (on request)
  • Qs. Do you provide different kind of pillows on board? / What kind of pillows do you provide on board?

    In your room you can choose from among the following pillow menu:
    Hard Pillow
    Micro Fibre Pillow
    Contour Pillow
    Neck Pillow
    Down Feather Pillow

  • Qs. Can we bring our electric shavers along with us for the trip?

    Yes, you certainly may bring your electric shavers along with you. There is a separate socket available for them in each bathroom. Voltage available on the train is 110 volts. International adaptors are also available on board.

  • Qs. How much luggage space is available on board?

    There is limited storage space in the cabins. We recommend that each guest travels with one check-in baggage and one cabin bag. It is also advisable to carry soft-topped luggage as it is easier to store. Luggage storage is provided under the bed. If there is any extra luggage, it can be locked and handed over to our team for storage in the luggage hold. Please note we are not liable for any loss to your baggage during the tour.


  • Qs. Do we have to tip in restaurants after every meal individually?

    No. Individual tipping to staff is not recommended. Providing gratuities for small services is part of the culture in India. This is additional to the tour package price and is completely at your discretion. An envelope will be provided in each cabin on the last night of the journey towards gratuities for all the staff.

  • Qs. Are tips included in the total price? / What is the on board tipping policy? on board tipping policy?

    No, gratuities/tips are not included in the total price. Providing gratuities for small services is part of the culture in India. Gratuities for off-board drivers and guides are included in the tour cost. Gratuities for Deccan Odyssey staff and on-board escorts are at the guests' discretion. We recommend that you do not tip the staff individually but drop your gratuity into the common tipping box provided on the Deccan Odyssey, at the end of your tour.

  • Qs. Are off board tips/gratuities included in the total price? / What is the off board tipping policy? / How much should we tip our guides? / How much should we tip our driver?

    All off board services viz. guides, drivers, off board meal service etc. are included in the total price/ cost. However, if you wish to tip them, you may do so

  • Qs. Can you charge the tip amount on the credit cards?/ Can tips be settled against credit cards?

    Yes, tips can be charged on the credit card. American Express, Master, Visa credit cards are accepted.


  • Qs. What are the security arrangements on board the Deccan Odyssey?

    Deccan Odyssey features adequate security measures, with security personnel on board 24*7.

  • Qs. Is there a provision/ Is it safe to leave luggage on-board, if we are connecting two journeys?

    At the end of each journey, the train proceeds for servicing and it shall be in the yard area. However, you may leave your luggage on board as we have ample security available at all times.

  • Qs. What are the safety measures taken against natural hazards on board?

    We have the following emergency measures against natural hazards -

    1. The Deccan Odyssey isequipped with a fire extinguishers
    2. Public areas have a chain pulling mechanism to stop the train in case of any emergency.
  • Qs. Do we get on/off for sightseeing from our individual coaches?

    No, due to security reasons all guests are required to assemble in either of the public areas (Will be mentioned onboard) for disembarkation & embarkation.


  • Qs. Is the train pet friendly?

    No, we do not allow pets on the train.

  • Qs. Do you have a minibar in all categories of cabins?

    Minibars are not available

  • Qs. Do we need to carry mosquito/ insect repellent?

    Yes, it is advised to carry mosquito/ insect repellent in India, however on the train we do have mosquito/ insect repellent diffusers in all cabins & public areas.

  • Qs. Do you have hard or soft mattress?

    Hard mattresses

  • Qs. Do we get to walk in the local bazaars?

    Yes, you would get the opportunity to take a walk in the local bazaars at select cities on some itineraries

  • Qs. What can I buy when I visit India?

    The cities that we cover during the Indian Odyssey journeys are extremely famous for shopping. Each city is special & has unique souvenirs to offer like -

    • Agra - Pietra Dura Marble & Mughal Jewellery
    • Jaipur - Gem stones, Silver Jewellery, Block Printed textiles, Blue Pottery etc.
    • Udaipur - Miniature paintings
  • Qs. How bumpy would be the ride on the train?

    It is a comfortable ride on the train. However, on certain terrain, the train may jostle a bit

  • Qs. Do you have a gym onboard?

    Yes we do have a gym onboard.

  • Qs. What travel documents do the passengers need to carry while on-board the Deccan Odyssey?

    The required travel documents are mentioned below -

    • A confirmed ticket voucher.
    • An updated pre-departure information document.
    • A scanned copy of the passport & visa.
    • A copy of the travel insurance.
  • Qs. What are the sources of entertainment available on board?

    We have varied sources of entertainment. The same are highlighted as under -

    • Copies of local English dailies are provided in public areas
    • You could enjoy our collection of hand picked novels, coffee table books and magazines on board.
    • Enjoy variety of SPA therapies on board
    • We also have board games like chess, carom, playing cards, gammon etc.
    • We also have preprogrammed content that you can view/listen to on your individual television sets in your cabin
  • Qs. Is it safe to explore the city/ stations on our own?

    It is not recommended to walk in the city without being accompanied by a guide. You may explore the stations accompanied by our security guards.

  • Qs. Can you make special arrangements for special occasions like birthday, marriage anniversaries etc. & what?

    Yes, we do organize a cake & flowers if informed in advance & can either place them in the room or serve the same depending on your preference. Any other special requests can be discussed with the Guest Relations & the same can be arranged subject to availability.

  • Qs. How many staff members do you have on board?

    We have about 45-60 personnel onboard the Deccan Odyssey.