Luxury Train Tour to Daulatabad

Once known as Devgiri, this fortress is one of the few impregnable forts in Maharashtra and has fine architecture. It was built in the 12th century by Bhillama, the king of the Yadava dynasty and was renamed in the 14th century as Daulatabad, the 'City of Fortune' by the Sultan of Delhi Mohammed Tughlaq. A 5 km massive wall, artificial scarping, spiked gates, dungeons and a variety of complicated defence systems rendered the fortress impregnable. It has a 60 m high tower of victory known as Chand Minar. Another feature of the fort is the canon, cast from five different metals and engraved with Aurangzeb's name.

  • Location : 11 Kms from Aurangabad
  • Languages : Hindi, English and Marathi
  • Temperature :March to June 40℃ (Max), 25℃ (Min) - November to February 21℃ (Max), 16℃(Min)
  • Popular As : City of Fortune
  • To See : Daulatabad Fort
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