Luxury Train Tour to Badami

The capital of the early Chalukyas, Badami is picturesquely situated at the mouth of a ravine between two rocky hills. Badami is famous for its four cave temples - all hewn out of sand stone on the precipice of a hill.

Enter the first cave temple past Shiva's door keepers and there he is! The eighteen armed Nataraja striking 81 dance poses! The largest and most ornamental is the third cave temple dedicated to Vishnu. Here are some splendid carvings of the Hindu Pantheon Narasimha, the half-man half Lion avatar of Vishnu Hari Hara, the composite god who is half-Shiva and half-Vishnu.

Overlooking the cave temples is a reservoir dotted with temples dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva. Also a must are the Bhutanatha temples that lend their name to the lake just beneath the cave temples. Take a dip in this green tranquil lake. It is said to have healing properties. According to a popular story, King Kushataraya was cured of leprosy here.

  • Location : 125 Kms from Bijapur and 500 Kms from Bangalore
  • Languages : Hindi, English and Kannada
  • Temperature :March to June 41℃ (Max), 28℃ (Min) - November to February 20℃ (Max), 15℃(Min)
  • Popular As : Famous for High stone Cliffs
  • To See : Badami Cave Temples
  • Festival : Temple Festival in January-February
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