Deccan Odyssey Destinations

The Indian subcontinent has effortless drawn explorers from the beginning of time. This exotic land brimming with ancient myths and wonders has been the cradle of civilization, along with being the home of saints and gurus, revered even today.
Astoundingly diverse, yet beautifully homogenous, the subcontinent is a fantastic destination, with a startling variety of experiences. It blends cutting edge modernity with ancient wisdom, which further elevates its charm. The soaring mountain ranges, golden beaches, dusty plains and lush plantations, all have a precious magnetic appeal that never fades.

Step into its bustling cities and bazaars, get acquainted with the colorful people and traditions, and gift yourself beautiful memories of a lifetime.

The Deccan Odyssey lets you explore the Indian subcontinent in all its sparkling glory. Click on any of the destination tabs below to find detailed information on the locations and the must-visit attractions there.

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